The Principles of Modern Game AI

Started October 15, 2015.

A brand new 12 unit online course on Artificial Intelligence in Games that goes beyond algorithms you could find in Asset Stores. Invest in your career by learning the fundamental skills refined by professional developers over many years of experience.

Course Details

Content Outline

This 12-unit course digs into the application of Artificial Intelligence to Games—focusing on core techniques, essential skills and principles transferable from one domain to another. Lessons (1h) are released incrementally and combine short videos with exercises & optional coding.

Target Audience

The course is aimed at technically-oriented developers, and the Main track should be generally accessible to designers, testers and producers. The primary audience consists of Software Engineers though, and there will be an Advanced track with programming exercises too.

About Enrollment

The course itself is available under a “Pay What You Want” model, including a free option! PREMIUM and ULTIMATE memberships unlock access to related materials and separate features such as statistics or course completion certificates.

Launch Bonuses!

You’ve been asking us to run a course for years, and now’s finally the time! Since we don’t know when we’ll run it again, we’re offering bonuses to those who sign-up this week. Enroll now and secure access to additional content that will only be available to paid members later.

Special Thanks

  • Advisors & Experts
  • Bobby Anguelov
  • Jose Antonio
  • Arjen Beij
  • Juraj Blaho
  • Daniel Brewer
  • Stéphane Bura
  • Phil Carlisle
  • Dave Churchill
  • Kate Compton
  • Kieran D’Archambaud
  • Alex Darby
  • Kevin Dill
  • Florent Dotto
  • Philip Dunstan
  • Charlie Edmunds
  • Squirrel Eiserloh
  • Antoine Fortier
  • Tim Gosling
  • David “Rez” Graham
  • Sebastian Holzfeind
  • Troy Humphreys
  • Matthew Jack
  • Emil “AngryAnt” Johansen
  • Aleissia Laidacker
  • Paul McComas
  • Bill Merrill
  • Thomas Minet
  • Gwaredd Mountain
  • Jeff Orkin
  • Borut Pfeiffer
  • Steve Rabin
  • Gabriel Robert
  • Francesco Roccucci
  • Guilherme Rodrigues
  • Andrea Schiel
  • Jeet Shroff
  • Ted Southard
  • Nathan Sturtevant
  • Paul Tozour
  • Julien Varnier
  • Ben Weber
  • Mieszko Zielinkski
  • Volunteers & The Team
  • Jens Bahr
  • Matthew Bedder
  • Alex Champandard
  • Petra Champandard-Pail
  • Pedro Montoto García
  • Claudio Rodriguez
  • Ankur Sheel
  • Thomas Müller
  • Filip Wiśniewski

Lesson Plan